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Electrification and Microgrids, a Historical Opportunity

The Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) has provided everyone (businesses, homeowners, communities, non-profits) with discounts on electric vehicles (EV), EV chargers, upgrading your electrical service, renewable energy (solar & wind), energy storage, and our favorite: microgrids. There is even a specific credit for the microgrid controller; which means all the parts of a microgrid are now less expensive and even more accessible.

To take advantage of discounts of up to 50% in your community, you need someone to help you define your needs, and put together a plan of action to make it happen. Contact us to help you to take advantage of this historical opportunity for your municipality, business, agency or organization.

Municipalities across the country are adopting EV's, and these mission-critical fleet operators (police, fire, EMS, snow plows) are realizing they need mission-critical charging infrastructure.  Microgrids are the answer, they save money, and provide a lot more benefits as illustrated below: